Written by Taylor Anderson

A day with Senator Woodard

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On Thursday, April 20,Sen. Mike Woodard (D-NC) invited the journalism class at Roxboro Community School (RCS) to go and explore the North Carolina Legislative Building as we learned about the General Assembly.
Our day began as we entered the Legislative Office to attend a few minutes of a community meeting. It was here that Woodard began to explain the logistics of creating and revising bills.

We then got the opportunity to walk through the Press Room, where we saw some familiar faces from the local news, as we made our way to the North Carolina Press Conference Room. There we got to meet and question professional journalists Mark Binker, Loretta Boniti, and Gary Robertson.

After that, Woodard gave us a tour of the Legislative Building and answered any questions we had.

Once our mini tour was over, we got to explore the North Carolina Senate Chamber. Woodard let us look around his desk, told us all the fun facts he could remember about the room, and explained how the Senate works when it is in session. Then, we got the chance to actually watch the Senate in session from the gallery.

When the session concluded, Woodard took us down to the Members Dining Hall where we had lunch together. One would think our conversation was politically based, but it was far from it. Woodard talked to us about college, prom, and even the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks.

Even though my feet were aching when all was said and done, it was a great day full of learning and I cannot wait to go back. Plus, I finally got my Unicorn Frappuccino on the way home.

Sara Coates

Bullhorn Reporter