Written by Luke Burton

Science club builds robot

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On Jan. 26, the Roxboro Community School (RCS) Varsity Science Club Robotics team finished their first working robot known as the Clawbot. The bot construction was led by Sydney Fryman, Taylor Anderson, Reagan Anderson, and Alex Adkins.

Fryman joined Science Club hoping to start building prosthetics with the medical team, however, Mike Czysz, club advisor, suggested

that she work with the Robotics kit instead. After beginning the project, she was able to order a bigger and better kit thanks to the donations of Mary Alice Wildman, Czysz’s mother-in-law.

“Our next step is the advanced clawbot, which is two times as big and as useful. I also am working to make it a remote wireless,” said Fryman. She continued that their work was “far from over.”

While she continues work on the Clawbot, Taylor and Reagan Anderson have taken on the next project, the Tumbler.

“The most complicated part is putting all the wires in the right spot,” explained Taylor.

Science Club plans to continue to work on these robots and teach new students how to do it, according to Czysz and the members.

“In the end, it’s not money and funding, it’s the time put in to learn and build it. It’s not just playing, it’s real engineering these students are doing,” said Czysz.