Written by Taylor Anderson

Roxboro Community School again earns A+ NG designation on state performance

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Roxboro Community School again earns A+ NG designation on state performance
Roxboro Community School (RCS) earned a grade of A+ NG based upon 2016–17 state accountability results.
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction released school performance grades

for all state schools on Thursday, Sept. 7.

The RCS school-wide performance composite was 88 – up from 84 in 2015-2016 – and the school exceeded growth.
RCS’s overall growth index for the 2016-2017 school year was 93.2, up from 77.2 the previous year.
RCS students met 100 percent (27 out of 27) of the school’s annual measurable objectives for

student achievement.
Roxboro Community High School Principal Darkarai Bryant attributed the results to a dedicated and hardworking
faculty, as well as students and parents who took advantage of tutoring and other learning initiatives offered by RCS
He said he was “Truly proud of the growth our students showed from the previous year.
“We are always glad to see our students perform proficiency-wise,” Bryant continued, “but we place more
importance on our students achieving at least a year’s worth of growth per year of learning. We are really proud of
our students, staff, parents and community for their support in helping us attain this achievement,” he concluded.
Interim Managing Executive Director Donna Ingram said, “Job well done to teachers, students and parents.”
She said she was extremely grateful for all the hard work that went into returning the school to its A+ NG status.
“The most exciting part about our performance grade is the growth factor,” Ingram continued. RCS’s overall growth
index for 2015-2016 was lower than we expected. As a staff, we embraced the challenge of increasing student
growth for the 2016-2017 school year. Our focus was on differentiation, student engagement and expanding
formative assessment. We met the challenge by exceeding expected growth this year. What an awesome
accomplishment. Congratulations to our students, staff, parents and community for their hard work.”
She added that, above all, RCS is about “focusing on the whole child, and maintaining a nurturing environment that
celebrates student achievement in all aspects of public education.”