The mission of Roxboro Community School is to achieve and maintain educational excellence by providing a small,inviting and nurturing school that focuses on grades six through 12. RCS values and respects each member of our school family, thus enabling everyone to become effective,  productive citizens. RCS will provide an environment that will direct our students to focus on relevant and rigorous learning that will continue after high school. It is the vision of our school to create educated, responsible and productive men and women who are equipped to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

It is the vision of Roxboro Community School to create educated, responsible, and productive men and women who are equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Roxboro Community School is committed to fostering a culture of respect that is embedded throughout the school, a culture that is built on the belief that all members are essential to a successful learning environment.

Roxboro Community School is committed to a culture of respect which includes fair treatment, honesty, openness, and integrity.

Roxboro Community School will maintain high expectations for all students and believe that all students can learn at high levels.

We are committed to maintaining:

  • Trust in each other

  • Recognition of everyone’s contributions

  • High expectations for all staff and students

  • Open, honest contributions without fear of retribution

RCS’s staff is committed to:

  • Solving problems, not applying blame

  • Respecting time and the time commitments of others

  • Being aware of nonverbal communications

  • Being an active, responsible member of the RCS team

  • Providing and receiving feedback constructively and respectfully

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to attend RCS?

Nothing. RCS is a public charter school funded by the state and county. It does not, however, receive capital funding, so we rely on volunteers and fundraising to maintain our historic building.

How does my child get into RCS?

Our enrollment period is from December through February. Applications are available on the Web site and at various locations in the community. New students are accepted based on the number of available slots in each grade level, through a lottery. When a grade level is filled, all remaining applications are placed on a waiting list.

What is the course of study at RCS and what classes are offered?

RCS offers a college preparatory course of study that includes college prep, honors and advanced placement level courses.

How do RCS students perform on state-mandated tests?

As with any school, test RCS test scores will fluctuate from year to year, but our students historically perform well on EOC, EOG and other standardized tests. Scores are available on our Web site

Is there a dress code at RCS?

Yes, the middle school is most stringent, with sixth graders allowed to wear khakis and solid polo shirts only. Seventh and eighth graders have a few more choices in colors. High school students must wear khaki slacks or shorts – of approved length. Gentlemen must wear collared polos or button down shirts, tucked in at all times. Ladies may wear tops approved in the student handbook. We offer occasional “Jeans Days,” on which students may make a donation in order to wear appropriate jeans and tops on Fridays. Donations go to help school programming, fund field trips and benefit school clubs.

Does RCS offer student transportation?

No, as a charter school RCS does not receive funding for the purchase or operation of buses. Students and parents must provide their own transportation to and from school. We do encourage car pooling from outlying areas.

What is the RCS grading scale?

RCS uses the 10-point grading scale.

How can parents and families get involved at RCS?

As a public charter school, parent and family involvement is key to Roxboro Community School’s success. We need and encourage parents, grandparents and other family members to help serve in our dining halls; act as test proctors; chaperone field trips, serve as team coaches; help with landscaping and building maintenance;





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