One of the aspects of Canvas (the Learning Management System RCS is using) that is most exciting is that parents can see what work students have due, what they have done, and what grade they have received for work done on Canvas (their overall grade is made up of Canvas work and other work and can be located in PowerSchool).  These are the steps to sign up for your account:

2. Create an account by clicking on Click Here For an Account next to the Roxboro Community School logo

3.  Fill out your information.  The Child’s user name is the number they use to log into NC Edcloud.  The Child’s Password is Bulldogs2016

4.  Go to your email and click on the link.

5.  Set your password.  Be careful to type it exactly the way you want.  Click on the eye to see it to make sure it is correct (it’s not in the picture but it would be where the circle is).

6.  You can then see your student’s activity in canvas.  The most useful icon would be Calendar.

If you have more than one student at RCS, click on the account icon and than Profile.
Click on Observing
Enter the next child’s information and click the +Student button.
Enter the next child’s information and click the +Student button.
Continue until all of your students are added.
If you run into a snag, please contact Mr. Whittemore at for assistance.