Written by Luke Burton

Conservators Center fundraiser a success

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Ethan Mitchell, Roxboro Community School (RCS) freshman, held a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Feb. 11 for the Conservators Center, located in Caswell County. He profited $1,832 and all proceeds go towards the center, the animals that they provide for, and other miscellaneous expenses.

“There was a great turnout,” Mitchell said. Many members of the community supported the fundraiser. Mitchell’s friends and family helped with the fundraiser. Mitchell also received help from his grandparents, parents, and great-grandfather. RCS freshman and friend of Mitchell, Jayden Earwood helped with the breakfast.

“Ethan invited me to film for him for his YouTube channel. I saw this as an opportunity to help my friend, have fun, and make a difference,” Earwood continued. “It was nice to see people come. The fact that people took the time to help out in something small and turn it into something bigger.”

“My favorite part was just being with my friends helping the Conservators Center,” commented Mitchell.

“One thing I learned when planning this fundraiser is that in order to do something like this I need a lot of help, and I am lucky that I live in such a great community,” Said Mitchell. The only thing Mitchell would change would be the date, so that he would have had more time to plan and spread the word. Mitchell explained that he plans to do another fundraiser, but it will be a while. He also will have a video regarding the fundraiser uploaded on his YouTube channel, Ethan Mitchell’s Wildlife, on Thursday.

By Delaney Sullivan

Bullhorn Editor