Written by Taylor Anderson

Bulldog to become NCSU dancer

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Chandler Warren, a senior at Roxboro Community School (RCS), will soon be joining the pack as a dancer for North Carolina State University (NCSU).
Warren has always had a love for dancing and has been doing so for the past 14 years of her life. She said that before this year, dancing for the university wasn’t something she had considered, but she is now very excited about the opportunity to do what she loves.

“I was very nervous,” said Warren, “there were 40 people trying out in person and 12 video auditions, [making] a total of 52 people competing for a spot on the team.”

On top of that, she said, “auditions were [held] the day of and the day after prom.”
Warren is planning on minoring in dance, but as for the bigger picture, she hasn’t decided on amajor yet.

She said her biggest fear about attending NCSU is finding her way around campus, but that she is looking forward to attending all of the sporting events.

Sara Coates

Bullhorn Reporter