Written by Will Montgomery

Board Meeting

The Roxboro Community School Board of Directors will meet Monday, July 10, at 6:30 p.m., in the conference room.

Written by Will Montgomery

Beta Quilt

RCS ninth-grader Zaria Waddell will represent the school’s Beta Club at the National Beta Senior Convention in Orlando, Fla., June 29-July 2 . Zaria will compete in the Fiber Arts Category with her hand-stitched quilt.

When asked what her quilt symbolizes, Zaria responded, “My quilt represents a new dimension of Beta.”

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Written by Will Montgomery

Exam Time Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

By Sara Coates
Bullhorn Reporter
Exam time? More like every student’s worst nightmare. With the holidays on everyone’s mind, the last thing students want to do is worry about passing a major test, but sadly, it is inevitable.
During this time, as students, we all fall into a

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Written by Will Montgomery

Network Maintenance Clarification – 10/14/2016

To clarify, the only time you should notice an interruption in wireless access is from 12:15-12:45. The maintenance during this time may not take the whole 30 minute window but it is included to be on the safe side. The guest network will be down starting at 10:45 for about 15 minutes. The only other time you will notice a disruption is when you attempt to access the H or G drive or try to print to a network printer starting at 11:50 until
Phones will be down for about 20 minutes starting at 1:00.
Written by Will Montgomery

Network Maintenance

This Friday the Technology department will be performing maintenance on several important network/server components. The services/functions affected, the estimated time to be started and estimated time to completion are below. Please remember that these times are estimates and are subject to change should issues be encountered. Internet access will only be affected during lunch(12:15-12:30)
9:00 – Update Technology Helpdesk(EMails sent will be received once it is back online) – Downtime ~30 minutes
9:30 – Update RCS Website Software – During this time the RCS website will be unaccessible. Downtime ~15 minutes
9:45 – Update Destiny-  Downtime ~ 1hour
10:45 – Update Guest Network Firewall ~ 15 minute downtime
11:00 – Run Windows Updates on servers. No downtime until they are manually rebooted.
11:50 – Start upgrades on VM Host. Users shouldn’t notice network impact except for H/G Drive Access. Downtime ~30 minutes.
12:15 Update Network Switches. Reboot during lunch to give the least impact. Will cause downtime while switch reboots(~5-10 minutes)
12:30 Wireless Software Updates ~15 minutes downtime
1:00 Start Phone System Updates ~20 minutes downtime
1:30 Start  Windows Updates on Virtual Machines. Users shouldn’t notice any impact.
We will also be implementing a policy that requires your computer to be rebooted weekly. This can be done at your leisure and not forced or you will get a 10-minute warning if your computer has not been rebooted in the past 7 days. If you have already rebooted once in that week it will not force you to reboot. This is to make sure that patches are being applied to software on your computer so that security of our computers/network is maintained and so to keep your computer performing optimally.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the maintenance being performed or the estimated times. We will try and work around any issues that you may have.
Written by Will Montgomery

Request for Proposals

Roxboro Community School seeks requests for proposals for the construction of a school parking lot on the corner of Foushee and Depot Streets in Roxboro, N.C. Please click HERE to read and download a copy of the RFP. Completed proposals should be delivered to the school or postmarked by September 23.
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Written by Will Montgomery

Join the RCS Tech Team to Gain Workplace Skills!

Like technology and computers, or want to learn more about them?

Self-motivated high school students are needed to serve on the technology team this year. Being on the tech team offers students an opportunity to learn real-world, workplace skills while also getting class credit. Members of the team work with students and faculty to trouble shoot and solve technology problems.

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Written by Will Montgomery

Raise the Roof Ribbon Cutting

Please make plans to join RCS and the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, August 12, at 10 a.m., for a ribbon-cutting and celebration of the complete restoration and re-purposing of the historic Roxboro Cotton Mill as a high-performing charter school. The Roxboro Community School Raise the Roof ceremony will be followed by a tour and reception.


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